Here I go, my first post on the blog about a spark. Not the conventional kind of blog start but the recent announcement made by DJI about their smallest drone yet has got all my attention. I’ve never been a drone user for many reasons but I think that will change pretty soon.

As my daily schedule leaves me with almost no free time, a “toy-like” easy to use drone sounds like the right thing for me. To be able to carry that with you to the beach and get some impressive footage with only your hands as a controller, well that must be a winner. Of course I would like it to have a better resolution, longer battery life, maybe 3 axis stabilisation but in the end, you do get all of DJI’s experience put in a small package which will give me, the absolute beginner, a good reason to start exploring this world.

The only question remaining is: would you go for the simple, “toy-like”, cheaper but not that cheap DJI Spark or the DJI Mavic is the best choice even for an absolute beginner in the drone world?

Watch DJI’s showcase video and share your experiences in the comments if you’re already a Spark user: