2018 starts well and i can’t stop “congratulating” myself for choosing the DJI Mavic Pro over the Spark back in July 2017. Not that the Spark is not an excellent beginner’s drone it’s just because now i don’t feel so much behind the new Mavic Air drone. Speaking of the new DJI release the specs are really insane for a middle-class drone as the price suggests.

The main features of the new Mavic Air are:

– 32 Mp panoramic images;
– foldable and smaller than the Mavic Pro;
– 3 axis gimbal;
– 4K 30fps / 1080p 120 fps camera;
– Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems – allows the drone to detect and avoid obstacles while in flight ;
– Active tracking – can now identify multiple subjects ;
– improved Gesture Mode and
– up to 21 minutes of flight time (that will get up to 18-19 minutes in real life usage).
The future looks nice for drone enthusiasts and i can’t wait to see that APAS system in real life and maybe brought to the Mavic Pro if possible. If anyone had any doubts about what first drone model to buy, now it should be easier to decide.

Here’s the official clip for the Mavic Air:

Casey Neistat already has a review of the new Mavic Air vs. Mavic Pro (impressive i would say):

If you’re curious to see some of my Mavic Pro footage you can do that here